Starlight Fun Centre Mobile Entertainment Unit

The Cause

The Starlight Fun Center is a mobile entertainment unit featuring a flat screen television and a Nintendo Wii U gaming system preloaded with a wide variety of games. This latest generation of Starlight Fun Center systems are also Internet ready and can be used by Ethernet connection or WiFi, allowing children to stay in touch with friends and family, watch movies, keep up with school work and more. This unit will be awarded to Alberta Children's Hospital.

Who Will it Benefit?

Starlight Fun Centers are installed in hospitals benefitting all children receiving medical services. Children diagnosed with a life-threatening medical condition are often scared, confused, lonely and facing serious medical treatments. That’s where Starlight comes in. Starlight programs turn a child’s pain, fear and stress into laughter, fun, and joy by providing them the best in entertainment, education and one-of-a-kind experiences – because sick kids are still kids. While in hospital, a single Fun Center’s use is estimated at 1,095 times per year.