STARS Air Rescue – Gifts That Take Flight

The Cause

STARS exists because we believe that everyone should have access to timely critical care. When critical incidents happen, time is a valuable asset and every second counts. Your support helps us bring the capability and expertise of a hospital right to the patient.

Gifts that Take Flight encompasses the elements necessary to provide the best in critical care in helicopters staffed and outfitted as mobile ICUs.

The Gift of Flight – make one patient’s mission by funding the medical and aviation crew, as well as the necessary medical supplies and helicopter fuel needed from the time a STARS helicopter and crew leaves the base, arrives on scene, and provides critical care and medical transportation for a critically ill or injured patient.

The Gift of Sight (Night Vision Goggle helmet) – Our pilots require a special mounting system on their helmets to enable the use of night vision goggles. These flight helmets also provide protection to our crews and are equipped with a microphone and ear piece to communicate with STARS Emergency Link Centre, the air medical crew and other chain of survival partners.

The Gift of Healing (medical equipment) – Over 33,000 patients have required medical equipment in the STARS helicopter since 1985, allowing for continuous care as they travel from the scene to a major hospital.

The Gift of Visibility (flight suit) - Our blue flight suits have become a recognizable symbol of our aviation and medical crew members. Our flight suits are lined with reflectors to increase visibility in the field, ensuring functionality while maintaining safety as our top priority.

The Gift of Protection (medical flight helmet) – Flight helmets not only provide head protection for our crew but are also equipped with a microphone and ear piece to help communicate over the noise of the helicopter.

Who Will it Benefit?

Since 1985, STARS has been a world leader in treating and transporting critically ill and injured patients, saving lives, reducing harm and improving recoveries. The need for STARS has never been greater.

With STARS, those living in rural communities, working in remote sectors, travelling on highways or being transported from community hospitals to major medical centres, receive the very best in critical care in helicopters staffed and outfitted as mobile Intensive Care Units.

More than half the population of Western Canada lives outside of major urban centres. For them, access to critical care is measured in hours. That can mean the difference between life and death; full recovery or permanent damage. When critical incidents happen, time is a valuable asset and every second counts. While the helicopter plays a significant role in allowing us to reach the patient quickly, saving lives is not just about getting there fast. Patients need the right medical specialist, with the right skills and equipment to administer immediate, life-saving medical care.

Since 1985, STARS has flown more than 33,000 missions. STARS’ world-class physician driven model ensures patient care, training and quality control. STARS physicians provide patient care and medical expertise for all missions 24/7/365; as well as consultative advice and guidance to other emergency services.

In 2015/16 STARS flew 1,814 missions in Alberta. While in the air, these patients will receive the highest level of care available. Every day, STARS takes care of some of the sickest and most critically-injured patients in Western Canada. This translates to thousands of people every year who rely on STARS to get them to major trauma centres safely where they can access the advanced care they need.