Subsidized Transportation Costs for Those in Need

The Cause

Individuals that Transition into care often lose the ability to be able to go into the community for engaging experiences. Often Transportation is a challenge as they have lost the ability to drive or have to rely on family members that may not always have the opportunity to provide support. For those living on fixed incomes transportation may also be an issue due to the costs to be able to attend community events such as plays, movies, a country drive or even to just go to the library or shopping. Many of those clients need to be supported by health professionals who have the requisite skills to support those clients wanting to go into the community. By subsidizing transportation individuals would be able to connect with community events without having to worry about the cost as much and could be supported in being able to travel at a subsidized rate.

Who Will it Benefit?

The program will benefit individuals who might not otherwise be able to go into the community on their own and who need support. Many of the clients would be living on fixed incomes and having the Freedom bus be able to do community "Charters" as an example. Would support those individual through Recreation Therapy reminisce opportunities by being involved in the community. Being able to go to the shopping mall, or a movie for example could have a profound affect on the people we would be supporting.