Sunalta’s Theatrical Face Lift

The Cause

We are the West Village Theatre (WVT), an art’s hub located in the community of Sunalta in Calgary. It is a large theatre space that is utilized by various arts companies to create and perform work. Two years ago it was on the brink of being absorbed by the boxing club next door, eliminating another theatre space in Calgary. However the arts community of Calgary banded together to save this cultural space, and have since then pooled their resources to make this a viable performance space.
Various arts companies have contributed theatre lights, dimmers, cabling and a lighting board, as well as speakers, sub woofers and a soundboard. West Village Theatre has all the technical elements needed to put on a full-length production.
The one thing that is missing from this wonderful space is a nice set of curtains. Currently the theatre is adorned with a mismatch of old, ripped and dirty curtains that frame the outside of the theatre. Because the curtains are so old, we are unable to do much them in terms of transforming the space without fear of the ripping them and becoming completely unusable. Unfortunately curtains are not something that theatre companies have on hand and so it is our idea to purchase brand new curtains for the West Village Theatre., and add them to the pool of resources available at this arts space.

Who Will it Benefit?

Calgary has an exciting up-and-coming theatre scene, filled with dozens of small and daring theatre companies. Unfortunately, there is very little funding available for small arts organizations, and very few companies can afford their own theatrical home. West Village Theatre wants to opens it doors to these small, not-for-profit arts groups to give their art and their audiences an home at a reasonable cost that small organizations can afford. These include small theatre companies, touring theatre companies, children\'s dance groups, as well as many of the individual artists looking for a home in which to create. West Village Theatre is a proud hub for cultural activity in the community of Sunalta, and one of our primary goals is to become a place where that community can gather. The first step in transforming a big dark room into a place where magic is possible is curtains.