Support For All

The Cause

Everyone needs support!

A huge life event for anyone is having a baby and we believe that those who are birthing should have access to support! Doulas encourage, support and help birthing families through that process. We would like to supply no-cost doula support to vulnerable populations (homeless, teens, abuse survivors, refugees, etc) to ensure that these birthing people are given care, love, respect and of course support during their journey.

Doula Essentials has already partnered with Inn From The Cold to provide twice monthly no-cost prenatal classes to residents. Through this endeavour we have already met with wonderful families who have expressed their amazement that they have options and that they don't have to be alone.

Doulas are trained labour support people who will meet with the birthing person before the birth to help them understand that they are important and worthy of an empowering birth experience. The Doula will then join the birthing person when they are in labour and help guide them through the process without taking away their voice; as well as helping them to connect with established supports that may be available. Doulas also meet with the new family after the birth to review the birth process and access how the family is adjusting and provide resources. Postpartum doulas may also be used to provide additional support to a family transitioning into their new life.

We would like to provide this amazing service to vulnerable populations at no-cost, while providing the professional doula with a small honorarium to cover her out of pocket expenses (gas, parking, etc.)

Who Will it Benefit?

Our plan is that those who have been identified by their care provider, or another reputable organization as "in need", "at risk" or "vulnerable" will benefit from the doula support.

We are already working with Inn From the Cold, Mosaic PCN, and have connections within Morley to make sure people who can truly benefit will receive support.

Although the individual birthing person is the one that will benefit the most, there is mounting evidence supporting the benefits of doula support to the new baby, the existing family, and even society in general!

Through the support offered by doulas we are showing these individuals that someone cares. By showing them that we believe in them, their ability to birth, their ability to raise and support this child, their ability to be a good influence we show them that there are options other than what they may already know.

After all; It all begins with birth.