Support for Young Adults

The Cause

Having worked in Youth Addiction and Forensic Mental Health over six years now, I have observed an omission in demography of children in mental health care between 18 years and 25 years of age. The Youth Addiction and Forensic Mental Health cares for youths up to 17 years of age. My observation is that once a youth is 18 years of age, the now young adult transits to adult mental care. Most of these youths are from dysfunctional families or are struggling with mental health or developmental cognitive health conditions, and are therefore not able to switch over to adult life simply because they’ve turn 18. The Gems Family is a health care agency to inspire positive experience and enhance individual development for stabilization, resilience and permanency for children and youths experiencing trauma in life. I have devoted and licensed my four-bedroom single house property at Northwest Edmonton through Children Services to be a home for these children and youths. The home has been licensed since May, 2022; however, the home is yet to get a client. I have an idea to use this home to support young adults 18 to 25 years of age who are still struggling and need help to adjust to full adult life. These include and not limited to those needing an independent life from their families, those needing stabilization from their mental health in order to take on adult life roles in life, young adults needing help to upgrade their grade 12 diploma and pursue desired programs in colleges or universities, or those needing family support for their adult livelihood.

Who Will it Benefit?

Young adults 18-25 years of age from Alberta.