Support Low Income Vulnerable Pet Owner Population

The Cause

We value the human animal bond and our spay and neuter program (includes vaccines, microchip, anti-parasite treatment) helps to maintain that bond. Many of the owners we help are struggling with mental illness, trauma and addiction and helping their animal be healthier helps them as well. Through our program the owners understand the importance and long-term effects of carrying out the above procedures. They are more likely to be able to keep their pets due to this increased health and less complications that they cannot afford or litter of puppies they cannot care for. While there are various rescue operations in Alberta we are unique in that we offer access to affordable vet care, we provide supplies and we ensure that the family keeps the pet. We also educate pet owners about responsible ownership thereby reducing unnecessary pregnancies and illnesses.

Who Will it Benefit?

Zoes Animal Rescue Society needs the funds to provide education on responsible pet ownership and facilitate access to resources for owners. Responsible pet ownership means ensuring the pet owners are aware of the importance of sterilization, vaccination and parasitic treatments. We offer low cost spay, neuter and vaccination programs to low-income populations with the education. Offering the low-cost program to marginalized populations promotes responsible pet ownership. Sterilization prevents unwanted pregnancies and health issues such as pyometra, cancers and other related diseases. Vaccinations ensures that animals do not spread disease to other animals and people as does parasitic treatment. We would help low income and vulnerable Albertans including in particular the Indigenous population.