Support Stranded Pets in YMM

The Cause

The CAWS provides temporary emergency foster and veterinary care, through our Guardian Angel Program. This program is for families who are in life transition. These transitions include victims of domestic violence, military respite, disaster relief and temporary medical respite.

\"A guardian Angel can bring comfort and protection during dark times and help to ignite a spark of hope that things will improve. It knows that everything is constantly changing in our lives and if we are open to embracing those changes and ask for help, it will protect and guide us to brighter times.\"

The recent forest fires in the Fort McMurray area has been devastating for so many families. Forced to evacuate with only the clothes on their backs, many families who were lucky to be able to take their pets with them are now struggling to care for them. Our organization, fully supported by donations and volunteers, has been helping and will continue to help by offering food, supplies and medical care for their pets and temporary foster homes if required, all at no cost to the owner.

The funds from this grant would go a long way to ensuring that all families requesting aid from our organization can be accommodated, that we don\'t have to turn anyone away because we have nothing left to give.

Who Will it Benefit?

Families from the Fort McMurray area who were forced to evacuate due to the forest fires and their pets.