Rebuilding The Taber Animal Shelter

The Cause

The Town of Taber’s current animal shelter is in a state of disrepair and doesn’t meet overall needs of the dogs kept there. The town was looking for a group of people that would be willing to come forward and take on the challenge of building and operating a new shelter. If no suitable group was found there was talk of closing the shelter completely and moving the dogs to a location outside the community. That is how the Taber Lost Paws Society was formed, the Taber Lost Paws Society is a grassroots group of individuals from Taber and the surrounding area who are concerned about the welfare and care of animals in the community. We received our not for profit registration status earlier this year and are currently fundraising to build the new shelter, which we will then operate solely from our group of volunteers. We also aim to educate the community on responsible pet ownership. We currently have a location and are working with the town to finalize building plans so we can start construction.

Who Will it Benefit?

We hope that a new, fully functioning animal shelter will be a benefit to everyone in our community. Whether your dog gets lost, you find a stray, you need to surrender your family pet, you are looking for a new family member or you simply wish to volunteer and spend time with the animals we aim to help!