Tails of Help Raises Money for Pets

The Cause

Our Vision:
A future where essential health care for companion animals is accessible to all.

Our Mission:
Tails of Help is a registered charity dedicated to keeping Alberta pets healthy and with their families — through education, and financial aid to provide veterinary care for pet owners in need.

The goal for Tails of Help is to provide financial aide to families who are in need of help when their pet becomes sick or injured. We want to ensure that animals are able to receive the care they need. The way the program works is veterinarians apply for the funding on behalf of the client and, so long as the criteria is met, then funding is provided for that animal. The money is paid directly to the clinic.

Who Will it Benefit?

The people who will benefit from this program are who pet owners who have sick or injured animals and are unable to provide the care for the animal. The goal of Tails of Help is to keep pets with their families. During the COVID-19 Pandemic, many families took on new pets. Now with inflation some pet owners are having difficulty keeping their pets if they become sick or injured. Tails of Help helps families all over Alberta and works with any registered vet in Alberta. As such, this program can be accessed by any Albertan who meets the funding criteria.