The ArTiVenture Conference: Western Canada’s Premier Tech-Enabled Artpreneur Collision Conference

The Cause

Alberta's ArTiVenture Conference - Western Canada's Premier Tech-Enabled Artpreneur Collision Conference

In an era where creativity and technology intersect, we present the ArTiVenture Conference, a groundbreaking event designed to spotlight the fusion of art and entrepreneurship in Western Canada. Our vision is to establish a platform where artists, tech enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and community leaders converge to exchange ideas, collaborate, and pave the way for innovation.

The ArTiVenture Conference aims to:

Showcase Creativity: Highlight the diverse talents of BIPOC artists and women, ensuring representation and inclusivity. With 15% of the conference conducted in French, we embrace linguistic diversity, catering to both English and French-speaking attendees.

Tech Integration: Introduce artists to the latest technological tools and platforms that can elevate their craft, from digital art software to virtual reality exhibits.

Empowerment Workshops: Conduct sessions focusing on business strategies for artists, copyright laws, digital marketing, and more, equipping them with the skills to thrive in the digital age.

Networking Opportunities: Create spaces for artists to connect with potential investors, collaborators, and mentors, fostering community growth and collaboration.

Economic Impact: By attracting attendees from various sectors and regions, the conference will boost local businesses, tourism, and position Edmonton as a hub for art and tech innovation.

Environmental and Social Responsibility: Incorporate sustainable practices in event management and offer scholarships or discounted tickets to underprivileged artists and students.

By securing funding from the Field Law Community Fund Program, we aim to make the ArTiVenture Conference an annual landmark event, putting Edmonton on the global stage and driving positive change within the community.

About La Connexional:

With 100+ five-star testimonials on Google, La Connexional is a dynamic and community-driven arts and cultural organization that has been a vibrant presence in Alberta since 2017. La Connexional was born out of a passion for celebrating the rich diversity of Alberta's Afro and Latin descendant communities while fostering inclusivity and empowering artists and creatives. Over the years, we have engaged with over 5,000 youth (18-35) nurturing the next generation of leaders and artists and have incubated initiatives such as UBUNTU Festival and Black-Owned Market Edmonton.

Who Will it Benefit?

The ArTiVenture Conference is designed to benefit a diverse range of stakeholders within and beyond Edmonton:

Emerging and Established Artists: The conference will serve as a platform for both emerging and established artists, especially those from BIPOC communities and women, to showcase their talents, gain exposure, and connect with potential collaborators and investors.

Tech Innovators and Startups: By merging the worlds of art and technology, tech innovators and startups will have the opportunity to explore how creativity can enhance technological advancements, leading to the development of unique and groundbreaking products and services.

Local Businesses: Local businesses, especially those in the arts, tech, and hospitality sectors, will benefit from increased footfall and patronage as conference attendees explore Edmonton.

Educational Institutions: Universities, colleges, and art schools will have the chance to showcase their programs, connect with potential students, and foster industry partnerships.

Cultural and Community Organizations: The conference will amplify the voices of cultural and community organizations, allowing them to share their missions, recruit volunteers, and engage with a broader audience.

City of Edmonton: By positioning Edmonton as a hub for art and tech innovation, the city stands to gain in terms of tourism, business investments, and a strengthened reputation as a global leader in fostering creativity and innovation.

General Public: Attendees will benefit from a rich program of workshops, panel discussions, performances, and exhibitions. They'll gain insights into the latest trends at the intersection of art and technology and have the opportunity to engage in hands-on experiences.

Youth and Students: Young individuals will be inspired by seeing artists and tech innovators in action, potentially guiding their future career choices. They'll also benefit from educational workshops tailored to their interests and skill levels.

Underrepresented Communities: With a special focus on empowering BIPOC talents and women, the conference aims to level the playing field, ensuring that underrepresented communities have equal opportunities to shine, share their stories, and contribute to the broader narrative.

Collaborators and Investors: Those looking to invest in or collaborate with artists and tech innovators will find a plethora of opportunities to meet potential partners, discover new projects, and contribute to initiatives.