The Children’s Disability Support Network

The Cause

The Children’s Disability Support Network (CDSNetwork) will connect families with resources to navigate the healthcare system and all available resources related to a child’s needs based upon a diagnosis of a disability (or disabilities). CDSNetwork will connect families with other families who can share their lived experiences and provide peer support, preventing them from feeling isolated or overwhelmed and giving them the opportunity to focus on the issues they are facing in a timely manner.


To provide all families with the resources that they need to minimize the stress of living with a family member who has a disability. To advocate for a more inclusive, accessible and barrier-free future for all people. To bring awareness that the basic needs of all children with all abilities are the same: security, stability, consistency, emotional support, love and education, positive role models and structure.

CDSNetwork recognizes that the health care system can be difficult to navigate and seeks to make it easier for families that include children who have disabilities.

Mission Statement

In support of all families with children who have special needs, CDSNetwork will be the hub that connects these families with organizations and resources available to them in the community. CDSNetwork will be a safe and helpful place to go for information, support and direction.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our services are open and free to all families who have a family member with a disability, initially through a website. Our initial, primary focus is on serving the Edmonton region, but we want to expand to help as many families as possible.

The website will provide a platform for families to seek out assistance to meet their care needs, as they will be able to connect directly with individuals, such as health care service workers, who are seeking out employment to work with families in a more intimate, personal setting.

Lastly, local and national agencies will have a platform to share their information and what services they have to offer. This will streamline the information that is available and make it more convenient for families to discover resources they may otherwise not be familiar with.