The Leader-in-Training Experience

The Cause

The LITE program (The Leader In Training Experience) is a community-based project designed to empower underserved youth in grades 6 to 12 by providing them with valuable opportunities to develop leadership skills, foster teamwork, and gain job-relevant experiences. This project has several key components:

Leadership Retreats: Participants in the LITE program attend two leadership retreats. These retreats serve as immersive learning experiences where youth can develop essential leadership qualities, such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving skills. This is also an opportunity for youth to be mentored by caring adults as they develop their identities as young leaders.

Community Event Involvement: LITE participants actively engage in serving at major family celebration community events put on by Kids On Track. This involvement not only allows them to contribute to their community but also helps them learn the importance of teamwork and community service. LITEs learn about the importance of servant leadership and front-facing client service.

Summer Day Camp Program: The LITE program offers participants the chance to work at a summer day camp program. This experience not only provides valuable job-related skills but also exposes youth to potential career paths and responsibilities. Our senior LITEs, or FLITES (Focused Leaders in Training), have the opportunity to work with Kids On Track as their first job through the Canada Summer Jobs program. All LITEs are given an honorarium for their work of week at Summer Day Camp, regardless of their employment with us.

Overall, the LITE program is dedicated to fostering personal growth, leadership development, and community engagement among youth who may not otherwise have access to such opportunities. It aims to empower them with the skills and experiences necessary for future success while promoting active participation in their communities.

Who Will it Benefit?

The LITE program is designed to benefit underserved youth in grades 6 to 12. The primary beneficiaries of this project are:

1. Underserved Youth: The program targets young individuals from underserved communities who may face economic, social, or educational disadvantages. These youth will have the opportunity to participate in leadership development activities, gain job-relevant experiences, and expand their horizons, ultimately helping them build a brighter future.

2. Families: Families of the participating youth benefit indirectly from the program. By engaging in community events and contributing to their communities, the youth can foster a sense of pride and engagement within their families. Additionally, the skills and experiences acquired by participants can potentially improve their family's overall socio-economic status in the long term.

3. Community: The wider community benefits from the LITE program as well. Through their participation in community events and service, program participants contribute positively to their neighborhoods. This fosters a sense of community pride and involvement, potentially leading to a stronger, more cohesive local community.

In summary, the LITE program is designed to have a ripple effect, benefiting not only the participating youth but also their families and the broader community by empowering young individuals to become responsible and engaged community members.