The Quinterra Legacy Garden

The Cause

The Quinterra Legacy Group represents our five families who tragically lost our children as they were celebrating the end of the school year at a party in the community of Brentwood on April 15, 2014.

Our families have come together to find a way to do something special to honor our children and to thank the citizens of Calgary, who were so generous to us in our darkest hours. This need was created from a tragic event that rocked many Calgarians alike: students, parents, siblings, friends and colleagues, from all corners of our City. It is our group’s belief that our city needs a special place to contemplate, reflect, heal and remember, but more importantly to create a positive place full of energy and life. To that end, our families want to build a very special garden for the generous and caring people of Calgary.

The concept of the space begins with music. Music is the fabric that winds through all of our lives. Music crosses all boundaries regardless of age, race, and religion. Music is an instrument that brings us all together. Music, with its intrinsic rhythms, provides happiness and healing energy.

Our proposed site brings together two main elements: a performance stage and an interactive musical garden. The multipurposed performance stage will accommodate small gatherings for people to dance and perform or can host a bigger performance using the adjacent lawn area for viewing. The area can be used as a staging area for other activities happening in South Glenmore Park and offers wonderful opportunity for interaction with larger groups of park goers.

The musical garden consists of outdoor musical instruments, set up along a beautiful cement pathway which will have natural features and log seating for viewing and climbing. The hardy outdoor instruments are fun and creative and intended for all musical abilities and ages. Whether you are just exploring sound or creating a musical wonder, the garden invites you in to play, explore and create.

This new design will inspire creativity and the appreciation of music, theatre and the arts. It will be a welcoming, inclusive space for families to gather and to enjoy time together, at play, picnicking or just conversing. It will offer places to sit and enjoy the views and the action of this area of South Glenmore Park. The new park will establish and sustain a dynamic public space where there will be ongoing programming that reflects the youthful, artistic and energetic spirit of those that we have lost.

Who Will it Benefit?

This April marked the five year anniversary of this horrific tragedy, which affected many Calgarians and has been an emotional and heart-breaking memory for our community. The time has come to begin to move toward healing and to create a positive legacy for the future, so that this event, and our lost loved ones, are never forgotten, and members of our community can gain some closure.

"There can be light beyond loss"
This is a labor of love and we want to give back to their community who was so supportive and generous to us. We want to create a lasting community legacy for the five lost love ones that represents their youthful passion for life, and their love of creative endeavors. It is meant to emphasize community spirit through music, dance, theatre and the arts, as well as appreciation of nature and the outdoors.

This healing space is not just intended for the members and friends of the five families, but for all visitors to the site to enjoy. It is located in a highly visited area of South Glenmore Park, overlooking the reservoir, and will be available year round. It will be a free, welcoming, inclusive, 100% accessible space for families and friends to gather and to enjoy time together. It will be a space for all visitors to create new memories, and to fondly remember those who have been lost.

This new design will inspire creativity and the appreciation of music, theatre, arts and nature. Future programming concept ideas currently being researched in collaboration with several community stakeholders include artist-in-residence painting and dance classes, string quartets, “Shakespeare in the Park”, musical jam sessions, yoga or healing circles.

Since our media launch in March 2019, we have engaged several stakeholders who are interested in ongoing programming for the park and its amenities. These interested parties include Tsuu T’ina Nation, The Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra, The National Music Centre, Mount Royal University Conservatory, University of Calgary Conservatory, Rotary, Kinsmen, City of Calgary, Parks and Recreation, Oakridge Community Association.

The natural environment of the garden will include flowering trees, shrubbery as well as the calming view of the water. All visitors to this dynamic space can look forward to many years of enjoying the different aspects that this garden has to offer: music, artistic performances, playing, exploring, and nature. Imagine the possibilities!