Theatre seating for handicapped patrons

The Cause

The Varscona Theatre is a unique co-operatively run performance venue. Leased from the City of Edmonton, the theatre is managed by representatives from Shadow Theatre, Teatro la Quindicina, and Die-Nasty. In addition, the building regularly hosts self-produced work by Edmonton theatre artist and co-op productions making it one of the busiest theatre spaces in the country. The Varscona Theatre regularly hosts over 30,000 patrons attending well over 300 shows annually. With many different theatre companies operating out of this space, the patrons are diverse. The auditorium at the Varscona is a model of the intimate theatre experience, With state-of-the-art sound and lights, 200 seats, a curvilinear stage, and optimized acoustics, the auditorium retains the charms of the past in the comfort and technology of the future. However, there is one element that is sorely lacking. We have an area designated for handicap seating, but lack the funds to purchase these much needed seats to ensure the comfort and safety of our handicapped patrons and/or space for buggies for young children. This is a causing concern among all who attend, whether elderly, or the very young. It prevents these individuals from enjoying the live theatre experience others so readily can due to lack of accessibility.

Who Will it Benefit?

10 upholstered folding chairs 3" thick seat cushion, 19" seat height, 18" chair width, 22 1'2" chair depth with both the seat and back upholstered are required. These seats can be removed to enable wheelchair access, or buggies for children's programs. All age groups will benefit, as well as all ethnicities, cultures, and nationalities since there are no boundaries to enjoying quality entertainment nor to those experiencing mobility issues.