Therapy for special needs kids thru horses

The Cause

WFRF is a new therapeutic riding program in Calgary. It is the first Cantra program in the Calgary area. Cantra requires the highest standards of safety/knowledge and instructor knowledge among all therapeutic riding regulatory organizations worldwide. WFRF is in its first stages.They launched a pilot project in April to help train volunteers and make sure the facility was suitable to run a full registered program starting in May.

Who Will it Benefit?

Shelley Hildermans son Will, was the inspiration for this project. He has a congenital brain malformation, epilepsy and is developmentally delayed. From an early age one of his greatest enjoyments in life has been to go to the barn where his sister rides and be around the horses. Because of the lack of riding programs in Calgary she created WFRF to help other people with special needs like her son.

WFRF currently has 30 children on their waitlist alone by word of mouth through the CP kids and families and Alberta Cerebral Palsy Association.