Thorsby Mobile Concession Kitchen

The Cause

The Thorsby Mobile Concession Kitchen is a project idea that the Thorsby Communities In Bloom Society has had for quite a few years now realizing that there has to be an easier way to fundraise as fundraising is hard work and there’s always a new community project on the horizon. Keeping the fun in fundraising no matter what the group or project is very important. The mobile concession kitchen would allow over 30 community groups to have access to a mobile kitchen to fundraise with when they are ready. Thorsby CIB would manage the bookings and be ultimately the care taker. We would inspect prior to pickup and drop off. The Mobile Concession Trailer is a fully equipped kitchen and barbecue area for fundraising made easy, Food and drink as well as ice cream etc. can be served out of it, giving lots of choices. It's equipped for all season use if needed and is mobile so it can travel if required. A small affordable rental fee will be required to pay for propane and ongoing insurance and upkeep.

Who Will it Benefit?

The Thorsby Mobile Concession Kitchen will allow better focus on food safety when serving food to the public. Currently there is no adequate area to use as a concession area. This kitchen allows full mobility to be where the event is, or the option to travel to other communities with the convenience of one load that’s safely transported rather than loading up multiple trucks. It will service events such as Soccer Tournaments, Baseball Tournaments, Community Celebrations, Grads, Rodeos, 4-H, Barbecues, Parades, Concerts, Etc. would all see the value. Not only will over 30 community groups benefit from a Mobile Concession Kitchen to make fundraising year after year easier, but it services the surrounding residents that support their fundraisers. The radius of people that would support this by going up to buy a hamburger, pop or ice cream is over 5000 to draw from ranging in all age demographics.