Thrive Teens COVID Mental Health Project

The Cause

Thrive Teens COVID Mental Health Project is a 4 month project to support Alberta teens who are struggling with increased feelings of isolation, depression, anxiety, relationship or family issues, during these challenging and difficult times of COVID-19. Thrive Teen Counselling will run two weekly, online support and therapy group for teens throughout Alberta via a secure, online tele-medicine platform to offer therapeutic and peer support. We are a group of highly experienced teen therapists who have been offering counselling and therapeutic support to Alberta youth for the past 10 years.

Our Teen Talk therapy groups offer the opportunity for Alberta youth to learn, connect and share with other teens, receive support and realize they are not alone in their struggles. We have offered over 500 youth, family and group therapy sessions in Alberta, but we recognize that many families do not have the financial means to receive either individual or small group therapeutic support.

With our excellent online counselling support platform, we are excited to now have the enhanced ability to offer therapeutic supports throughout Alberta, without being limited to the Edmonton area. Online technologies allow us to support youth from rural, northern and indigenous communities which have traditionally had less options for counselling support.

Who Will it Benefit?

Since COVID-19, many of our youth are struggling much more than before. This project has the opportunity to benefit youth ages 13-17 throughout Alberta who have been struggling, in particular since COVID-19. Many of our teens value and appreciate the online format, as they are able to share and communicate with other teens who may also be struggling from other cities and communities. The online format can facilitate and maintain some privacy and confidentiality, while also developing feelings of connection and support. We are specialists in offering individual and group therapeutic support for teens in Alberta.