Transportation Support for Freshwater Field Trip

The Cause

To bring more diverse Grade 8 and Grade 9 school groups into the headwaters of Calgary on a bus. Students will attend a curriculum based field trip in the mountains.

Our non profit organization runs a school Field Trip every spring and fall called the Freshwater Field Study Program, this program has been running since 2005. It is a very popular program and already highly subsidized. However, we have noticed some schools no longer participate in the program and that there are some schools that have never attended. We have been told the reasons include bus fees are a limiting factor and difficulty in finding parent volunteers (parents/guardians are working). Our organization does not have busses and we do not have the capacity to subsidize bus fees. However, we want to maximize the opportunities for all students (as diverse as possible) to attend this program. Funds from this grant would pay for bus fees for the student groups that have less access to resources, so that they can attend the field trip, experience their headwaters, and to see where their water comes from.

Who Will it Benefit?

Approximately 378 Students, plus teachers and volunteers attending the Freshwater Field Study program.