Unify Homelessness in Unity: Fort Simpson

The Cause

Fort Simpson has a very high homelessness rate that also is the regional hub for the Dehcho Region in the NWT.

In the past few years, a local business proprietor, Muaz Hussein, had provided the older Unity Store location as a space to house the homeless in the area. This was greeted with much enthusiasm, and has since had numerous local proprietors, volunteers and youth contribute to this very needed project.

As this was a local business proprietor providing this free of charge, he alone has incurred the costs. He did receive some small amount of assistance to have the facility run throughout the winter months, but he was left to fend for the rights of the homeless alone after the springtime. We all know, that homelessness does not have a preferred season, so why should the support cease come springtime?

Summer of 2021 was devastating for all people in the Dehcho, and again, this selfless man, incurred much damage to the location for the homeless shelter that is being paid for out of his own pocket.

Costs from this funding will help assist the homeless shelter to operate from January-December 2022 and pay for any operational costs. Fuel, power, food, supplies, wages( if applicable)

Who Will it Benefit?

Fort Simpson is the 'hub' of the Dehcho region. This whole region will benefit; as it stands there is not a single shelter in the Dehcho region.

As the location of the current shelter is central to the community, access to the local stores, health center, and is approximately .5 km from the local soup kitchen, this will benefit the homeless people greatly as its within walking distance from all services offered in Fort Simpson.