Urban Ag High

The Cause

Urban Ag High aims to build a community of practice around urban agricultural projects in Edmonton; connecting educators, resources and skills in order to provide experiential learning opportunities for junior and senior high school students.

Program Objectives:

-Develop and deliver workshops open to educators and administrators interested in Urban Ag programming.

-Develop a list of schools as potential candidates for a demonstration project and build a community of high schools that could work collaboratively to offer students hands on Urban Ag experiential learning that ties into the Alberta Program of Studies.

-Assess, evaluate, and provide recommendations to schools on what would help them plan for their future projects.

-Create an ongoing online platform for educators to share their experiences and resources with each other.

-Evaluate the outcomes and impact on students as a result of the project and share the model for other schools to use to build their own Urban Agriculture programs.

We would like to expand the program to a total of 15 schools, an increase from our current 8.

Who Will it Benefit?

Urban Ag High will benefit junior and senior high schools students across Edmonton (ages 12-18). The students who use the program are from a diverse set of backgrounds and experience urban agriculture from their unique perspectives.

Currently the program supports 8 different high schools, reaching approximately 4,000 students. We would like to expand our reach to a total of 15 schools involved.