Victims Security Support

The Cause

Our vision and mission is to support individuals and families affected by violence, abuse, and harassment in regaining control and safety over their lives.

True Haven provides complimentary support for individuals to transition from existing circumstances of violence, fear, and uncertainty towards a state of safety and stability. Not only for themselves, but also for their loved ones during these challenging times.

Types of services that will be provided:
a) Conducting independent third-party arms-length Threat, Risk & Threat Assessments
which can be provided to the Courts in the pursuit of No-Contact, Restraining, or Emergency
Protection Orders;
b) Providing Emergency and Planned Move-out support through the help of volunteers
assisting with moving a person's possessions out of the previous shared residence and into
different accommodations. Where required, True Haven will provide moving vans and
temporary storage units at no cost to the client;
c) Arranging and paying for the provision of close personal protection / protective
services via professional close protection security firms, to provide protection to clients at risk
of harm, abuse or violence. This is frequently requested for emergency and planned move-outs,
court attendance and legal appointments, as well as for court-ordered family visits, school,
sports or other extracurricular events, et al. True Haven has and continues to build strategic
partnerships with security providers who specialize in providing protective services to political
representatives, diplomats, industry executives, entertainment VIPs, high net-worth individuals,
and other public and private at-risk figures;
d) Arranging and paying for the provision of forensic screening of digital devices such as
telephones, computers, entertainment systems, as well as other IT equipment for covert video
or electronic surveillance equipment; installed spyware (viruses, trojans, key-trackers, etc); or
vehicle trackers.

Who Will it Benefit?

Individuals and families affected by violence, abuse and harassment.