The Cause

The internet can be a scary place for young people, and we want to contribute to more positive messages out there. Our idea is to run a short video making project where teams of 2-4 individuals work with a professional videographer to make a short video (1 min or less) on mental health, anti-bullying, gender issues or indigenous language revitalization. Each participant will be awarded a $100 gift certificate of choice and each project team will choose a charity addressing their video topic to receive a $100 donation.

All videos will be posted to social media under #videosforchange, the project with the highest score of views, likes & shares will receive a VIP catered supper, personal SWAG kits, $1500 towards eligible videography gear to continue making content and $1000 donated to their charity of choice.

The contest will be open to youth aged 14-35 and all videos will be run on a variety of media around the territory following the competition.

The Inuvik Youth Centre exists to foster Health, Productive & Successful youth.

Check us out on facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/InuvikYouthCentre/

and at https://www.inuvikyouthcentre.ca

Who Will it Benefit?

-Youth and young adults in Inuvik and the Beaufort Delta region who increase their digital storytelling skills
-The social media networks of all participants and of those who share the videos
-The community at large as positive messages are created and shared
-The charitable organizations receiving donations through the project
-The winners of the competition