Virtual Visits

The Cause

Mountain View Seniors' Housing Foundation fundraises to support lodges and manors operated by Mountain View Seniors' Housing in Mountain View County. Our fundraising efforts are to create as home-like of an environment as possible for our residents but purchasing furniture and items that are needed. Throughout the pandemic we have been working to create a safe and happy environment. Devices have been used for video calls and entertainment, but more are required. We are seeing donations for iPads, headphones, microphones and stands to support seniors' in their ability to virtually connect with friends and family as the waves of the pandemic continue.

Who Will it Benefit?

The residents of Mountain View Seniors' Housing will benefit directly by being able to video chat with their friends and family. They will also have access to them for entertainment purposes as needed. The additional accessories such as earphones, stands, and microphones will aid in the accessibility of all resident having equal opportunity to utilize the equipment. Connection is integral to keeping people and communities well. Due to the COVID 19 crisis we are working to provide innovative ways to keep the community of our residents and their loved ones connected, engaged, and safe is our focus. This technology will support us to keep everyone safe and socially distanced while providing the benefits that being connected with others provides.