Watch for Motorcycles Decals

The Cause

Watch for Motorcycles is the message we are trying to get out to everyone on the road. The more people are aware of riders, the more likely they are to see us when it is vitally important.

We propose to produce highly visible yellow ‘traffic sign’ decals that ask people to ‘Watch for Motorcycles’; to be placed in car rear windows, on bikes and helmets, anywhere they will be seen. The fact that they are reflective will also make them noticeable in low light which is an added benefit.

The decals will be distributed at events starting as soon as possible this riding season and will continue next summer, as supply permits.

Who Will it Benefit?

“I didn’t see them” is a phrase heard far too often after an automobile vs. motorcycle accident. As a riding organization, our mandate is to promote motorcycle safety and awareness. One way to accomplish this is to make drivers as aware of motorcycles as possible. We are basically trying to spare everyone the trauma of an accident, including the rider, driver, witnesses and first responders, families, etc…a large part of the community can be affected.