Weledeh Catholic School Community Playground Project

The Cause

Good quality school playground equipment and an open, safe active play space is essential in promoting safe play and encouraging greater physical. The value of the playground is clear to see in terms of both physical activity and social interaction. Adequate and stimulating equipment and structures provide variations and challenges during free playtime. In addition to inadequate play equipment, our school playground is also made up of gravel and concrete. Our ball field is crush and we are limited in both physical and special event activities we can organize on our playground as there is no grass or surface safe for physically active games. For example our track and field fun day last year, the students were running, doing long jump, triple jump etc, on gravel and concrete.

In realizing the importance of safe, fun, stimulating, physical activity during school break times, Weledeh is seeking to improve upon the current playground environment to provide our students the ability to have an adequate playtime resource.

Who Will it Benefit?

The Weledeh Catholic School playground becomes a neighbourhood playground during non-school hours, and provides a safe and fun play space to the surrounding community. By upgrading and rejuvenating the current playground, children outside of Weledeh School but within the Yellowknife community will benefit as well.

Weledeh Catholic School is an urban school, located in the downtown center of Yellowknife. The school playground is the only play space in the area, and is accessed by a considerable number of children during evening, weekend, and summer play times. There are several low cost housing facilities within the neighbourhood and many of these children use this playground, as it is a main source of entertainment and physical activity outlet for them.