Winter Food e-Bike Tours

The Cause

Our idea would be "Guided Winterized Fat E-Bike Food Tours," a unique fusion of winter exploration, electric bike technology, and local culinary delight in one of Canada's most picturesque winter destinations. From the charm of snow-covered landscapes to the tantalizing flavors of local cuisine, this idea promises to redefine how residents and tourists experience Edmonton during its coldest months. At the moment we host Food Bike Tours in the spring and Summer month.
Our project aligns with Canada’s efforts to relaunch the visitor economy, which are visitor satisfaction & enhanced quality of life for Canadians through improved infrastructure - easy access to destinations, community development including indigenous experiences & sustainable tourism & economic development. The River Valley and ravines are essential elements for an enhanced destination experience. These destinations are indicated as a fundamental pillar to the revival of the economy and creating that work-play balance in Explore Edmonton's Economic Master Plan and cannot be accessed easily. Our River Valley has many hills, creating barriers for those of age and who have a physical disability; it is not possible to experience this via foot or on a regular bike. Living in Alberta our winters are long and our weather is unpredictable. This has created a challenge to create consistent all-year around products. There is a push to become a self-sustaining economy; this is done by creating strong communities and buying local. Our solution to overcome these main challenges is through our winterized food e-bike tour initiatives.
Winterized Fat E-Bike Food Tours in Edmonton represent an innovative and exciting concept that merges the allure of winter with the city's thriving culinary scene. This idea capitalizes on Edmonton's growing winter tourism sector, celebrates its diverse culinary landscape, and offers an engaging and memorable experience for residents and tourists alike. By supporting this venture, you'll not only be investing in a remarkable business opportunity but also contributing to the transformation of the community.

Who Will it Benefit?

Our Winter Food e-bike Tours will enhance the visitor satisfaction & essentially provide a framework for raising the standard of living for residents creating a fun vibrant city to live, work & play. Our project provides residents & visitors an enhanced VIP experience, a vibrant city & something to look forward to as they discover Edmonton’s culinary, art, historical & indigenous culture all while getting a picturesque view of the city. By having a more vibrant city residents are more likely to spend money in our economy & boast about the city they live in, unleashing Canadian pride & creating a demand for visitation. This would ultimately remove systematic barriers to the marginalized communities as we embrace commonalities.

Winterized Fat E-Bike Food Tours would showcase the best of Edmonton's culinary offerings, emphasizing local flavors and ingredients. Participants would have the opportunity to savor the creations of local chefs, sample regional specialties, and discover hidden gems tucked away in Edmonton's neighborhoods. These tours will benefit these local culinary establishments through increased exposure and customer traffic when their establishments are featured on food e-bike tours. These tours can boost business and help vendors reach a wider audience. By promoting and supporting local businesses, these tours would contribute to the economic growth of the city.

With our e-bikes we are able to tie together destinations, neighborhoods & recreational trail opportunities which Explore Edmonton is advocating in their Tourism Master Plan. Our projects encourage the sustainability of both our natural & local cultural assets, by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, promoting diverse modes of transportations, integrating Indigenous values on the land, supporting local, promoting positive mental health by living a balanced life of work & play. Our company is developing broad & deep developments with organizations that promote the Indigenous people.