Winterguard – Spin Class with a Twist

The Cause

Winterguard - Spin Class with a Twist combines the beauty of performing arts with the discipline, sportsmanship and fun of sports! A definition of Winterguard, taken from the Winterguard International Website (; the governing body of the WGI competitive programs): Winterguard is known as the “Sport of the Arts”. It brings music to life through performance in a competitive format. It’s an exciting world of performance and entertainment; a place where pageantry involves an array of equipment, movement, and skill. Winterguard creates friendships, talents, and standards of excellence, while fostering an environment where men and women can grow, laugh, learn, and meet challenges as a group.

Who Will it Benefit?

Each year the numbers of performers changes however this season, 2020, our youngest group Ember (ages 6-9) will have 6, Explorers (ages 9-13) will have 10-12, Evolution (ages 13-17) has 13, Elite (ages 17-25) has 13, Echo (ages 26+) has 6 and Expression (ages 21+) has 10. In the City of Calgary, there are limited Independent Winterguard Programs for kids and youth. Our programs are specific to Winterguard and offer members who are unable or unwilling to commit to a year-long program and summer tour, the opportunity to participate in the Sport of the Arts.