Women’s Health Initiative

The Cause

Menstrual health is often a taboo topic but it impacts nearly all women. In the Northwest Territories, we have heard how women are not able to afford the basic necessities each month to deal with their periods.

After reading this article: https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/north/menstrual-pads-arctic-1.5448420, I was amazed at how expensive it is to purchase feminine hygiene products and how few people are aware of alternative options such as the Diva Cup to deal with menstruation.

We are proposing to send as many packages of feminine hygiene products as possible and to educate young girls and women on feminine hygiene.

In the article above, it states 121 women/girls in 18 communities asked for period products in Nunavut. If we are able to spend around $50 per package and additional $50 for shipping per package, we could impact at least 100 women in the NWT. We could provide help and education to young girls and women across the territory with something they go through every month. We could lessen the financial burden and eliminate the stigma and taboo associated with periods!

Who Will it Benefit?

Women and girls in the NWT will benefit from this service.