Youth Anti Bullying – Pink Shirt Day Project

The Cause

On Pink Shirt Day, Wednesday February 22nd, the annual Anti Bullying Day will be upon us. 12 CSI has hosted an annual Pink Shirt Day event and project for the last six years. Starting on February 22nd, we will work with a group of young film makers in a documentary style to look at how Calgary marks the day and celebrate the good that has been already done, and suggest how we can do better to encourage no more bullying year round. We will dig into the impact (or lack of impact) the day has on the youth in Calgary. We will focus specifically on stories of the youth and through story telling the film will have a huge impact on those who bully, the bullied and those that support students who are bullying. We will come up with recommendations on how community can help, not just on Pink Shirt Day, but every day. We all can be part of the solution in our communities to help with this important issue!

12 CSI is well versed and connected to worldwide Anti Bullying networks.

Who Will it Benefit?

The beneficiaries are many. First, the young people that view the film will learn about the root causes of bullying. Those that participate in the film, will not only have a sense of accomplishment, but the anti bullying message will be reinforced. Finally those that participate in Anti Bullying events should learn how to make their events and plans more impactful.