Youth Empowerment Project

The Cause

Canadian youth are suffering from rising levels of stress, anxiety and depression. Nearly 1 in 5 have a mental illness and over 3 million are at risk for developing depression. Most suffer in silence as 80% of those who require care do not receive it.

We are launching the Youth Empowerment Project to address this critical health issue. It is for youth aged 15-24 who want to build confidence, manage stress and be more resilient.

Youth participate in workshops that challenge them to think differently about themselves and their world. The content is tailored to address each audience’s needs.

Workshops follow this 5-Step Process:

Step 1. Self-Discovery. Gain clarity on who you are by uncovering your unique strengths, talents, and passions.

Step 2. Self-Awareness. Become aware of how limiting thoughts and behaviors impact your reality in order to create positive change.

Step 3. Growing Knowledge. Learn strategies/tools that incorporate multiple science-based approaches such as resiliency, mindfulness and neuroplasticity.

Step 4. Committing to Change. Envision where you are going and commit to doing things differently, even if it takes you out of your comfort zone.

Step 5. Taking Action. Create an individualized, easy-to-implement action plan with strategies to keep you on course.

Our Goal is to make these workshops available to local youth through partnerships with schools, post-secondary institutions and youth-serving organizations. There will be ongoing evaluation and best practices will be shared with policymakers and service providers. This launch will lay the foundation for future programming and wider distribution.

Full Potential Living was established to address the soaring rates of depression, stress and anxiety in youth and the need for innovative approaches that overcome existing barriers and are easy to implement. Programs are developed by a Registered Nurse/Certified Coach with extensive background in mental health and youth program development.

Who Will it Benefit?

Local youth (ages 15-24) will directly benefit from this initiative. The overall goal of the Youth Empowerment Project is to provide a safe and empowering environment for youth to explore strategies/tools, increase confidence, reduce stress and overcome challenges. Youth gain a deeper understanding of themselves and what they want to create for their future. This empowers them to build lives that align their highest potential.

By investing in our youth we impact individuals, families and communities. Youth have the support and skills they need to become productive members of society. This directly impacts everyone that they come in contact with, especially their peers, families, co-workers, communities and even their future children!

Community organizations, schools and post-secondary institutions are impacted as they have a with a new resource to offer to their students/clients.

This initiative can prevent the occurrence of mental ill health later in life as youth receive mental health promoting skills and tools at this critical stage in development. 70% of mental health problems begin during childhood or adolescence (Government of Canada, 2006).

Finally, this initiative can impact the Canadian economy. Mental health problems and mental illness currently costs the Canadian economy at least $50 billion a year (Mental Health Commission of Canada, 2010). Mental health promotion and prevention initiatives during adolescence can enable youth to be more productive members of society, thus reducing costs to health care, social services and income support. Existing resources are freed up and available for those who really need it.

An investment in our youth is an investment in our future.