Youth Teaching Youth Art

The Cause

We will offer structured art experiences for youth. It has two complementary programs running simultaneously:

Mentoring Program for Youth Artists to learn how to educate their peers on Artistic Projects and Techniques

6 or 8-week virtual art programs that youth can attend to learn about Art Projects and Techniques from these Youth Artist Instructors. 

For Mentoring Program an Adult Art Mentor will work virtually 1-on-1 with up to 40 Aspiring Youth Artists Instructors (aged 7-18) that are interested in learning how to effectively educate other youth in Art /Art techniques. These young artists are passionate about their artistic ability and want to share and enhance their artistic endeavours. The youth will choose an art project that they are passionate about. A few types of potential projects would be: 

Paper flower bouquet 

Small acrylic painting 

Digital Art 

Graphite Sketch 

3-D art 

Drawing Anime character 

The Youth Art Instructor will then work collaboratively with the Mentor to create a materials list, a lesson plan and hone their presentation skills for their week to teach during the 6 or 8-week session they are enrolled in. These Youth Art Instructor will be encouraged to attend the other weeks of their session as a participant. 

The Mentor will: 

Provide a resource package created by a Professional Artist which may include art terminology, instruction and techniques 

Work 1-on-1 with the Youth Artist Instructor to develop materials list, lesson plan and hone their presentation skills 

Provide support in presenting on a virtual medium 

Collaboratively present if needed at virtual art class 

The NHCA will offer 4 free of charge 10-week virtual art sessions through the duration of this project providing individual art experiences for youth. Youth will be exposed to a variety of art projects, mediums, and techniques taught by Youth Artist Instructors. 

Step-by-step instructions will be explained and shown by the Youth Artist Instructor through the live stream video. The Art Mentor will collaboratively facilitate the session. Participants will be able to ask questions at the end of each session giving the opportunity for the Youth Artist Instructor to interact with participants and react to different perspectives. Material lists will be provided before the session so participants can create along with the Youth Artist Instructor

Who Will it Benefit?

This will benefit youth by having them explore and strengthen their own artistic world. While simultaneously giving some the tools and training to successfully manage, communicate, and facilitate a teaching environment. Overall, this will expand the mindset and interest of youth within Calgary and provide some with career-building skills.