Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers

Soup Sisters and Broth Brothers would like to identify the impact that the funds granted by the Field Law Community Fund Program has had on the growth and prosperity of our Organization. Over the past few months, awarded funds have helped to foster stronger communities throughout Alberta and beyond and provided to Soup Sisters the financial capacity to sustain our renowned events throughout Calgary and surrounding communities including Lethbridge and Millarville. In turn we were able to increase awareness and education to the fundamental issue of family violence and youth homelessness while correspondingly increasing volunteerism and community involvement at the grass-roots level.

Since Soup Sisters were honored recipients of the Field Law program this past summer, we have successfully orchestrated 38 community soup-­‐making events and are booked well into 2018! These communal gatherings resulted in over 5,700 servings of fresh and nutritious soup delivered not only to 5 Shelters in Calgary including Awa Taan Healing Lodge, YWCA Mary Dover House, CWES, The Doorway and Discovery House but also to 3 shelters in Lethbridge including Blackfoot Family Lodge, YWCA Harbour House and Woods Homes Emergency Shelter as well as Rowan House in Turner Valley.

Furthermore, with the ability to further sustain our Souper Kids program in Calgary, we were also able to engage youth from schools and clubs across Calgary in our soup-­making program. These youth focused events help to provide an opportunity for youth to feel engaged in their community while also helping us to deliver more “hugs in a bowl” to youth at risk in our City. In particular we were able to provide a warm and nutritious “chicken noodle” soup day to the entire student body at Keeler Elementary School in SE Calgary prepared for them by their grade 3 peers!

The financial gift from the Field Law Community Fund Program to Soup Sisters truly resulted in a lasting and positive impact on our growth in helping us to achieve our mandate and mission to ‘keep the soup flowing’ to women, children and youth in crisis.