Brenda Strafford Centre Community Room

The Brenda Strafford Centre is more than just a shelter for women and children that have left an abusive family environment, for the nearly 400 families we see every year it is a place they call home. While they live here, we do everything we can to ensure they acquire the skills, knowledge, experience and strength to live on their own in the community.

Although each family has their own apartment, we encourage them to build their own community within the Centre by meeting other women and children. Field Law’s generous donation enabled us to redevelop our old Group Room into a more inviting place that we now call our Community Room. This room has been renamed to reflect the changes that were made as a result of Field Law’s $8,000 donation. The changes we made included new paint, flooring, couches and tables. We believe that the room now feels like an extension of each family’s own living room and hope that it will entice them to utilize the space more often with other families.