Children’s Cottage Crisis Nursery Volunteer Program

At Children’s Cottage, we truly value our volunteers, and we are grateful that the Field Law Community Fund Program does too! With the funding we received in 2019, our volunteer manager facilitated 15,336 hours of volunteer time. This included picking up supplies from the Food Bank, doing yard work, cooking and cleaning, and providing tender, loving care for the children and families we support. The funding also allowed for our volunteer manager to properly and thoroughly train the volunteer so they could really provide the best care possible. When the volunteers step on to the floor at the Crisis Nursery or Brenda’s House, they are ready to handle anything their shift might throw at them.

“We truly feel like we’re a part of the Children’s Cottage family, and our dedication to this wonderful cause only strengthens with every passing year. We are so grateful to be able to spend time with such benevolent staff and volunteers, and share fun and laughter with amazing children from all different backgrounds. This experience has truly enriched our lives, and WE should be the ones thanking all of you.”