Board Basics with DirectHer Network

Thanks to the Field Law Community Fund Program, DirectHer Network has expanded the scale of our Board Basics governance workshop and educated 700 women across Alberta. Through Field’s support, we have built our brand and social presence, which has been a pillar to our grassroots expansion. Our Board Basics governance workshop is bringing women, especially those traditionally excluded from the world of board governance, into the conversation. These women are actively seeking board positions and adding diversity of thought to organizations across our province. Beyond our Board Basics workshop, we have been having conversations with thousands of women across our social media platforms, furthering our effort to normalize the world of board governance amongst women and gender non-binary folks. 

Here’s what some of our participants have to say:

“I took the DirectHer Network Board Basics course this weekend. I would highly recommend this to anyone thinking of joining a board of any kind! I learned about how to identify different board structures (and more!).”

  • Paige M.

“…just wanted to send a very quick but HUGE thank you to DirectHer and to the three of you in particular for just an excellent session today. I have delivered Board intro sessions in the past and yet I took a ton away and learned so much information myself from the session. Thank you for the diligence, energy and level of expertise that you all brought and delivered.”

  • Lindsey G.

“I would like to take a second to thank DirectHer Network for reigniting my passion for serving on boards. Reading the regular newsletters and posts on social media has gotten me excited about lending my voice again for a cause.”

  • Penolopie D.