North Haven Learning Grounds

The path to realizing the North Haven Learning Grounds has been all about community. Field Law was instrumental in building community awareness for our project through voting and in making a big contribution towards funding it as well. Finding sponsors that share our vision of community and understand the importance of place-making has been essential to our project. We now have a welcoming, accessible gathering space, an outdoor amphitheater with seating for 60 – in our community where students can now learn about local native planting by looking to their school yard.  Accessible pathways allowed all users to attend our Grand Opening where a Knowledge Keeper provided a blessing for out new space, and pointed to the Wolf Mural created by students and a local Indigenous Artist to remind us of the importance of belonging.

Beyond creating a place to sit and watch Saskatoon and Buffalo Berry shrubs grow, the Learning Grounds has contributed to a sense of pride in students, and in community members. Building this space has shown us what can be accomplished by working together, and we are incredibly grateful that Field Law has been a part of it.

Thank you Field Law for supporting our community.