Pre-Detox Program

The Pathways Wellness Society would like to thank the Field Law Community Fund Program for supporting our Pre-Detox Program in the spring of 2023. Our two addictions counsellors met with people on the streets of Lethbridge face-to-face and assisted 18 individuals as they dealt with addictions and homelessness. We connected with people at the Galt Gardens, downtown Lethbridge, Lethbridge City Centre Transit Terminal and the Lethbridge Public Library.

The homeless people we met with told us the following:

  • They wanted to find a place on the streets of Lethbridge where they could just exist and not be told to continually leave;
  • That getting through the day was their primary goal;
  • That their personal safety was a high priority for them; and 
  • That they wanted to be aware of the locations where they felt the most security.

These individuals also told us they were aware of the many services for the addicted and homeless, but they were not looking for anything at this time. 

One individual approached us to say he needed an ambulance as he was experiencing a suicidal incident, and further medical connections were immediately made for him. Another individual asked for further information about entering treatment.

Referrals to other services were made as needed as there are many stages of readiness for those addicted prior to entering treatment. 

Our whole team wishes to thank Field Law for funding this project for our community.

Thank you,

The Pathways Wellness Society