Prosper Place

Prosper Place is a safe, inclusive community of vibrant peer culture and peer excellence where people living with mental illness feel valued and encouraged to explore their self-directed paths of recovery and wellness. Peer members build the resiliency needed to face life’s challenges, cope with situations, and successfully move on.

A heartfelt thank you to Field Law for supporting the development and execution of two courses, Everyday Confidence and Leadership Skills. These courses are targeted towards youth (18 – 25 years of age) living with the effects of mental illness and offered at no cost to participants.

Over 60% of people living with mental illness do not reach out for help or support.  Even if a child has been supported during their early years, the transition to adulthood is difficult because the supports that they are familiar with are then no longer available to them once they turn 18 years of age.  If new supports are not found, their mental illness too often spirals downward again resulting in future hospitalization, isolation and low quality of life.  The two courses noted above will not only provide skills and education on how to utilize tools to overcome their anxiety and depression, but also provide socialization in a safe non-judgmental environment.  The youth will also learn specific skills that are transferable to employment, stigma reduction and community integration.

Because of the generous support of Field Law, these courses are up and running and impacting youth on their wellness journey every week. Thank you, together we are changing lives!