Strengthening Cancer Peer Support for Women in Yellowknife

We are very grateful for the 2017 Field Law Community Fund Program grant that has made it possible for the NWT Breast Health/Breast Cancer Action Group to provide workshops to support women in Yellowknife who are experiencing cancer, on topics they have requested. The workshops have helped women deal with appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment and provided information for healthy/healing nutrition and cooking for cancer survivors. In May we will hold a workshop on gentle yoga and self-care tools, and several more workshops are planned before the end of 2018. Participants will be able to pass on what they have learned to other cancer survivors. Some highlighted the benefits of the workshops:

“Provided great tips to help me feel good about myself, which can be difficult when dealing with the aftermath of cancer”

“This program really does make you feel good and better. Sharing with other survivors is very important.”

“ I was happy to have learned new info with other people going through the same thing.”

“Very relaxing while learning some very interesting facts about food and cancer.”