The Great Big Crunch NWT

A big thank you to Field Law! The Field Law Community Fund supported our nutrition education event, The Great Big Crunch NWT, in schools in the Northwest Territories.

The Great Big Crunch encouraged schools to enjoy crunching into an apple together while discussing healthy snacking, where our food comes from, and the pleasure that comes from enjoying food together. Thanks to the support we received from Field Law, ten schools from eight NWT communities participated, and this resulted in over 1,800 students enjoying apples and learning about nutrition together across the NWT.

Many schools planned their events for the fall when apples are in season, but after schools were closed due to COVID, those who planned spring events were encouraged to use the funding to buy a snack for their students to enjoy together at a later date. Some of the schools that previously participated in the Great Big Crunch NWT opened their events to the broader community, inviting the students’ parents and families to the school for apple-related food, activities, and fun!

“I am thrilled and grateful for Food First Foundation’s donation towards purchasing apples for our students and staff. Thank you. We did follow your advice about holding our event in the fall while apples were fresh and in season. We held our “Weledeh-Wide BIG Crunch” on Wednesday, November 27th. Just before the lunch bell, we all “crunched” together! We had over 400 students and staff participate, and it was a lot of fun! For days leading up to the event, I offered Apple Activities to homeroom classes, which involved a mini-lesson or activity.”

– Principal, Weledeh School, Yellowknife

Thank you to Field Law for the continued support of food and nutrition education in NWT schools!