Transitioning and Progression Program at Crystal Kids

The program started by identifying areas where we could engage our youth, and in doing so expand their perception of what opportunities lay before them. Crystal Kids sees education as a key area which can help end the cycle of generational poverty and disadvantage faced by many within the community we aid. We started by developing a positive relationship with the “Let’s Talk Science” organisation within the University of Alberta. This enabled our youth to attend day long courses, during which they are introduced to and interact with emerging technologies. In December we attend our first such course on computer and robotics technology and plans are already in place for a number of our youth to attend the course on Nano technology. Our youth have learned how to develop an App and witnessed how 3D printing is an invaluable tool in areas such as engineering. As well as opening our youth to Future possibilities, we are also engaged in mentoring them with their current school work. Ensuring youth are enrolled and attending classes both at High school and college level.

We have been able and privileged to have inspirational speakers such as the band ‘A Tribe Called Red’ attend our centre and speak with our youth. They told their stories and highlighted how they themselves came from communities like those of our youth. It was a very positive experience for many of our youth as they could self identify with many aspects for of the bands stories. It was also a positive in the fact that many of our youth now are actively involved in our drumming group and are learning and embracing their culture.

Our older youth are now transitioning from being just youth within our centre to a volunteer role. This entails learning our daily routines and the methods behind implementing our core values. We mentor them in been able to navigate this critical transitional period in their lives. We create a safe place where our youth can develop the social and life skills which they require to advance into adulthood with the very real potential for success.

Field Law’s support has allowed us to ensure that we can expose our youth to opportunities they would likely otherwise not be introduced to. We can dedicate one on one time to mentor, counsel and aid our youth in planning their positive pathway in life and to identify and avoid the ever-present pitfalls that they encounter on a daily basis. Field Law’s support has made it possible for us to start the process of making positive change a reality for our youth and their community.